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Federation of Fly Fishers Master Casting Instructors offering private and group lessons in One-Handed and Two-Handed Fly Casting

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Spey Casting Made Easy with Ally Gowans
Ally's Cascade
Tackling Trout School
Ally's Shrimp

Meet Ally Gowans:

ally gowans
Ally Gowans - Scotland

Master fly fishing instructor Alastair (Ally) Gowans has over forty years experience of angling for trout and salmon and other species. He holds the highest qualifications available for fly fishing instructors in the UK and USA. His skills cover every aspect of fly fishing, including tuition, guided trips, conservation, fly-tying, writing and consultancy work. Ally likes to share knowledge to make your angling ambitions become a reality.

Fly fishing tuition for individuals or groups customised to suit your requirements. Rods, reels and lines are available free of charge during instruction. Rates are available for 2 hour lessons, half day or full day tuition and guiding sessions. Contact Ally by e-mail for informatiom.

Web sites letsflyfish.com and flyfish-scotland.com

Fly Fishing skills

Learn everything you need to know to become a proficient angler. Casting, fishing methods, knots, selection of tackle and it's care and use, fly tying and indeed any aspect of fly fishing.

Single-handed fly casting

Fly fishing techniques and casting methods taught include single and double haul, roll and Spey casts and many dry fly presentation techniques such as curved casts, reach casts, parachute casts etc. Practical fishing sessions cover fly selection, tactics, boat fishing on lochs and reservoirs, and night fishing methods. Pike fly fishing is an exciting new development that presents great opportunities for the fly fisherman.

Tackling Trout fly fishing school

An all-inclusive package that aims to teach efficient trout fly casting and fly fishing (including a fly tying evening) and is suitable for beginners and more experienced anglers alike. They will learn how to cast in a variety of ways easily and efficiently, make mends and presentations and how to assess conditions to employ the most likely tactics for success with trout and grayling. Tackling Trout further details.

Double-handed fly casting

The essential skills for successful salmon fly fishing including Single Spey, Double Spey, Switch, Snap T and Roll Casting methods. Modern tackle allows these casts to be performed easily and effortlessly once you learn how. Learning to Spey cast has never been easier, styles vary but to be proficient there are certain substantive rules that must be adhered to regardless of style, learning the rules and adapting them to your physique is key to ergonomic efficiency. You can also learn overhead casts and long distance casting methods including shooting lines. Practical floating and sunk line fly-fishing techniques and appropriate tackle and fly selection.

Spey Casting Made Easy DVD

Designed to help you to understand exactly how Spey casts work and improve your technique. It features Roll, Single Spey, Double Spey, Snake and Snap casting methods, Underhand Casting, knots, fly tying and other helpful chapters for your benefit. There are of course important criteria for good style that will help you to make the best use of casting physics and your body. Most of these are covered in the Spey Casting Made Easy DVD which aims to teach you to cast as efficiently and as effortlessly as possible. Spey Casting Made Easy DVD further details.

Spey Casting Made Easy Fly Fishing Courses

Two-day residential fly fishing schools are the perfect way to quickly improve and learn the secrets of better salmon fly fishing. The school covers all casting methods, theory and practice, various fishing techniques and a fly tying evening. Spey Casting Made Easy Courses further details.